Our personal relationships with you and your family members are highlighted in our Veterinary Wellness/Preventative Services. Our appointments are longer and more detailed, with plenty of time to discuss any habits or concerns. Many times, we are able to identify an abnormality much sooner, just by listening to you. Many veterinarians are trained to move quickly through appointments, which mean less time to listen and more room for missed details.

My pet’s feeling just fine, why should I come in?

– Our pets cannot verbally communicate with us and many of their cues they aren’t feeling well are counter-intuitive. For example, an older cat who all the sudden begins playing and running like a kitten may seem like a great thing, but it’s actually a warning something could be seriously wrong.

– Establishing a “normal” baseline for our pets can save their lives and reduce response time in the future. It is imperative when we are faced with handling a disease process. Not to mention, most diseases are much easier to treat when diagnosed at an early stage, as opposed to playing catch up later on.

– We maintain a three year vaccine program. This allows us to protect your pet against common transmissible diseases, without over vaccinating. It is also a budget friendly way to allow for preventative blood work, dental care and other forms of early diagnosis.

When it comes to veterinary care, It’s personal – We get to know and listen to you and your pet. It’s thorough – with longer appointment times and more time with your veterinarian. It’s budget-friendly – with a three year vaccination plan to allow for an affordable and complete care plan.