RadiologyRadiology has certainly grown and evolved in veterinary medicine and Van Dyke is a great example of that growth. Our top of the line equipment offers digital technology. This technology allows us to gain the images we need much quicker with less stress to your pet!

There are two main services within Veterinary Radiology and they are X-Ray and Ultrasound. So, what’s the difference?

X-Rays use electromagnetic waves, like visible light. The rays can be compared to infrared rays or ultraviolet rays. We know they’re there, the human eye just can’t see them. Instead, we have a machine that uses those rays to create a picture. We can use x-rays to see silhouettes like bones or objects that shouldn’t be there. Your pet will lay as comfortably and still as possible on the x-ray table (much like you would if you had an x-ray). Van Dyke’s digital technology allows for a faster process and clearer results.

Van Dyke’s Radiology Services are available to provide the most complete care plan possible. They are also performed and read by staff that knows you and knows your pet. We are able to use your pet’s complete medical history to make the best recommendation should further care be needed.