EmergencyEmergency – A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

Your pulse is racing as your heart is practically beating out of your chest. You’re not sure what to do, but you’ve got to do something quick; your beloved pet needs help and he/she needs it now. First, take a deep breath then call Van Dyke.

During our normal business hours:
Our staff has been carefully chosen and trained to respond no matter your veterinary emergency. As our client, each staff member knows you, from the front desk to the emergency room. There will be no question about your pet’s history, no elaborate forms, no policy to slow or threaten the care of your beloved pet. Just your Van Dyke family.

Your pet will come to a familiar place with people who know him/her. We know if he/she is scared of loud noises, gets anxiety when you touch his or her paws we know how to keep his/her stress level as low as possible.

Most importantly, we will always choose the best option for your pet and we are fortunate to have an excellent afterhours and emergency clinic. In some cases, we will refer our clients to those practices if we find it to be in the best interest of the pet.

After hours:
While we are available over 40 hours per week, we understand that emergencies can fall outside of those times. Part of what allows us to remain such a close family and provide the best and most personal service is our relationship with Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service and Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners. These partners allow us to focus our efforts and resources on the personal care we are dedicated to providing, while they specialize in covering times we are not available. These partners have Dr. Kahl’s cell phone and are instructed to call her immediately should the need arise. We are careful to partner with the best so your pet has the care he/she needs at all times.

Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Services
238 E Bearss Ave

Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners
3000 Busch Lake Blvd