Ten years ago I started the ball rolling to open this practice. I had a newborn at home and wanted to have more control over the family/work balance, in that order. It was both daunting and exciting, and after years of working in other practices, I also knew that in addition to providing the medical care I believed in, I also wanted to foster personal connections with the people on the other end of the leash, so to speak.

We have weathered a lot in those ten years, the financial crisis affected us all, many of my clients lost homes, jobs and had to relocate. Our building was foreclosed upon and we spent 2 uncertain years with a bank as landlord. Through that our patients and clients provided endless moments of gratitude towards us and for us, and with that , the sense that starting Van Dyke Animal Clinic was worth it. A lot has changed since we first started , the way we communicate, the way we shop, the little kids that walked through my doors ten years ago are today on their own , and now make up part of my clientele. You have probably noticed that your MD is now part of a big medical group, well, the same is happening in Veterinary Medicine , with multi national conglomerates buying up groups of veterinary practices, merging independent practices and in some cases wiping them out altogether and putting a “chain clinic” in their place. While our focus is , and has always been, on our patients and clients, these things have a way of affecting how we move forward.

I hope to use this space to help you navigate the myriad of information out there , tell some tales and do some venting a couple of times a month. I welcome your input , both here and on the job we are doing, for you and your pets. Find us on Instagram (@vdacdvm), Facebook (Van Dyke Animal Clinic) or give us a shout out in the form of Google or Yelp review. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your pets and I hope you find this useful!